June 22, 2016

Golftito Port


Golftito Port (Entrance & Departure Clearance)


  • Our ships have been calling Golfito for clearance only (2 hrs approximately).
  • In Golfito, the ship can go at anchor or alongside.
  • There is no swell or waves only tides.
  • Agency presence in this port.
  • Hire of local boat to take the authorities on board.
  • Garbage service is available at anchor while authorities do clearance.
  • Medical Evaquation.
  • Local flights from/to San Jose


If ship is going alongside…
Pilot will be compulsory if alongside No shore gangway or forklift available Water Service and Garbage available


If staying at anchor for the day…
Disembarking for passengers can be done by the facilities of the Pier or Private Marina facilities(Under quotation)