June 24, 2016


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Excursions from Quepos


Manuel Antonio National Park

Duration: 5:30 hrs.
Min: 15 – Max: 60 ( Per departure )

Manuel Antonio National Park is the jewel of the Costa Rica large number of national parks. Its fragile rainforest ecosystem shelters an abundant wildlife including the easy to see monkeys and a great variety of tropical birds. The dense rainforest opens into small trails where our naturalist tour guide will acquaint you with all the information regarding the forest. Another great attraction are the white sand beaches that meet the jungle. Your one and half hour guided walk will lead you to the beach where you will have time to go swimming into the warm waters of the pacific.

Manuel Antonio park protects 683 hectares of tropical rain forest and over a thousand different species of flora. This walk is by far one of the best in Costa Rica, and a great opportunity to get closer to the forest that kisses the beach. The trail followed is very well maintained and is easy walking with no uphill climbs. Another hour of leisurely walking will bring you back to the exit of the park with another opportunity of spotting wildlife. An optional drop off in the town of Quepos is also available, where you will find several restaurants and shops.

Recommended gear: Light clothing, tennis shoes or good walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, suntan lotion wear bathing suite underneath cloth, bring a towel.


Tour Includes: transportation, park fees and naturalist guide, Soft drinks, bottled water, juice and fresh tropical fruits


Quepos History & Culture of Costa Rica

Duration: 1:30 hrs.
Min: 12 – Max: 18 – ( Per departure )

On behalf of our ancestors, the Quepoa Indians, we welcome you and thank you for your visit to our native territory. During your tour today, you will notice there are only few remains of our culture, but our region has been blessed with privileged rain forests and great opportunities. Today you will have an opportunity to go where other tourists have never been before and acquire rich historical information of our region and our country. You will learn about our Educational System, National Park System, Social Security, religion and local life. Our experimented bilingual guide will provide information, tell you histories and answer any questions you may have. The tour will end at a local school in a little “finca” surrounded by African Palm Oil where you will have the opportunity to spend time with the kids at the school and help them out by buying a delicious natural fresh drink and a local snack.

Recommended gear: Light clothing, tennis shoes or good walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, suntan


Tour Includes: Transportation, naturalist guide, bottle of water


White Water Rafting at Savegre River

Duration: 5:30 hrs.
Min: 15 – Max: 32

This adventure starts with an early drive south of Quepos on our a/c minibus. It takes 1 ó hours through african palm plantations, teak reforestation projects and incredible landscapes on the way to the river put-in.

Savegre River boasts class 3 rapids and is filled with bends and turns of excitement. You will spend approximately 2 ó hours in the raft taming the rapids, taking occasional pit stops to rest and admire some of the region’s beautiful flora and fauna.

After a safety briefing we start maneuvering rapids like “Boca Diablo” and “Washing Machine”. We stop on the river shore for a snack of fresh fruits and cookies to then continue our river journey. Before the end we hit “Screaming Child” rapid and then the river tames down until we meet with our mini bus and return to our ship.

Recommended gear: Rubber-soled shoes that can get wet (Tevas, tennis shoes, booties or similar). Flip flops are not an option. Swimsuit / swim trunks. T-shirt and shorts of a quick-drying material. Waterproof sunscreen lotion (SPF 15 or higher).Sun hat or bandana. Croaks or straps to secure glasses. Towel. Clothing Change including shoes for after your Rafting Tour.


Tour Includes: transportation, naturalist guide, Fruits, snacks, and natural juices and water.


Vanilla & Cinnamon Spice Tour

Duration: 3:00 hrs.
Min: 8 – Max: 18 – ( Per departure )

Vanilla and Cinnamon Farm is located in the Central Pacific rain forest 10 miles east of Quépos and Manuel Antonio National Park. The farm is a tropical laboratory for sustainable agriculture and includes 27 acres of agriculture production and 125 acres of primary and secondary rain forest. Cash crops include vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, allspice and a variety of exotic fruits, essential oil and medicinal plants.

Vanilla is the farm’s major crop, and is the most popular flavor in the world! It is also the second most expensive flavoring agent and the reason for its high cost is the labor-intensive nature of vanilla cultivation and processing. The planifolia variety grown at the farm is cured according to the Bourbon” method popular in Madagascar and the Spice Islands.

You will experience the sights and aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, other tropical spices, essential oil plants, and learn about the sustainable practices employed here, such as composting, mulching, animal husbandry, perma-culture, spice drying and a unique aerated compost tea system for disease prevention and plant nutrition. Spice treats and a spice pack are included with the tour.

Recommended gear: Light clothing, tennis shoes or good walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, suntan .


Tour Includes: Transportation, naturalist guide, bottle of water.


Damas Mangrove Boat Tour

Duration: 3:30 hrs. ( Tour runs with Tides )
Min: 8 – Max: 24 – ( Per departure )

If you think the Damas Island Estuary and Mangrove Boat Tour is sedentary, then let our “interactive” tropical rainforest and delicate mangrove ecosystem knocks you out of your seat in your boat – literally. This adventure of Costa Rican natural history – its exotic flora and fauna — is highly recommended for any naturalist, young or old, who wants to experience firsthand the pulse of the mangrove ecosystem.

Let our world-class, highly trained, bilingual guides and naturalists steer you peacefully and comfortably in our high-tech, ultra-quiet estuary boats as the wildlife comes to you – sometimes right into the boat! Experience curious families of monkeys as they migrate across the mangrove ecosystem – which includes your boat – in search of food and adventure. And discover the secret ways different exotic trees of Costa Rica replenish the environment worldwide, yet sustain themselves for decades of growth.

Wind through acres of a protected, pristine Costa Rican estuary as your experienced guides educate you on the secrets – both past and present – of the mangrove eco-structure so vital to Costa Rica and the world as well. And don’t forget to point out the caimans, sloths, crocodiles, boas, white face monkeys, egrets, and so many more species of wildlife, as your boat leisurely winds its way through the mangrove channels along the gentle currents of the coastal tides. And finally, end your adventure with a relaxing yet rewarding meal in typical Costa Rican flavor at a local “hot spot” restaurant before you return to your ship.

Recommended gear: Light clothing, tennis shoes or good walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, suntan


Tour Includes: Transportation, naturalist guide, seasonal fruits and natural juice


Damas Mangrove Kayaking

Duration: 3:30 hrs.
Min: 8 – Max: 18 – ( Per departure )

Damas Island Estuary and Mangrove ecosystem is an unforgettable marine and wildlife experience in an open-seat kayak. Spend a few luxuriously indulgent hours paddling with the currents as your highly trained, bilingual naturalist guides reveal the protected inland waterways of the Damas Estuary and mangrove habitat. Explore an unforgettable plethora of flora and fauna as you learn about, experience, and participate in our magical Costa Rican mangrove and tropical rain forest ecosystem — but don’t forget your camera.

Paddle comfortably as an intimate group under the shade of several tall species of mangroves, which grow only in select areas of the world and in Costa Rica. The pace of this adventure is determined by your abilities and interests, and the abundance of wildlife you want to stop and observe (or learn about) – all in its natural and breathtaking habitat. Watch sloths and numerous species of monkeys travel through the tree canopy, hunt for nocturnal silky anteaters and several types of non-poisonous snakes resting in the mangroves, and listen to the songs of the various marine birds as they glide over your kayak curiously looking for adventure. And whenever you want, stop and enjoy some local fresh fruits and refreshments as you pause to savor your adventures thus far.

This kayak tour is an unforgettably memorable experience that will help you understand and explain the exotic secrets and treasures of our Costa Rican tropical rainforest. And after your adventure, yet depending upon the time your trip began, enjoy a delicious and well-deserved Tico style meal (a hot breakfast, lunch or dinner) at one of our local Manuel Antonio restaurants. Come learn about our delicate Costa Rican mangrove estuary and ecosystem — so uniquely different than other parts of the world. Then return with the knowledge of how important it is to Costa Rica — and the world environment — to preserve this delicate yet vital aspect of life that intricately fits into the ecosystem of our entire known world.

Recommended gear: swim gear, sunscreen, insect repellant (or use ours), boat water shoes / sandals.

Tour includes. Transportation, fruits, water, dry bag, kayak, safety equipment and tour guide. Local meal.

Notes: This tour runs with tides, please check with tour operator before book. Waiver must be sign before tour begins.