June 7, 2016



Our Compromise is… 

To fullfil all ship neccesities and satisfy the most demanding requests

Besides offering a highly experience service, personal attendance and timely eficient response, we provide the following services in Costa Rica:

  • Planning and arrangements of new destinations
  • Excellent relationship with governmental organizations
  • Local Provision Supply for hotel, deck and engine
  • Transportation and Accommodation for cre
  • wSeafreight and airfreight delivery
  • 􀀑Fresh Water Supply
  • Bunkering and oil supply
  • Garbage offloadingSludge, bilge services
  • Diving and hull inspections
  • Medical attendance for passengers and crew
  • Medical evacuations by land, sea and air to an American􀀃Standard Hospitals
  • Private security and K9 Unit for turnaround

We can provide high quality supplies with very competitive prices

Our profesional and efficient staff is able to supply any requirements.

Adequeate infraestructure strategically located which simplifies the deliverirs to Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Deliveries to any port in Costa Rica.