June 24, 2016

Puerto Jiménez

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Puerto Jimenez is a genuine rooting tooting frontier town located on the Osa Peninsula. The pueblo itself is divided on a grid of dusty dirt roads where one will find a wide variety of bars with a modern day saloon feel. Of course, there are also plenty of little sodas (mom and pop restaurants) and little shops. Most people travel to Puerto Jimenez on their way to Corcovado National Park and use it as a place to fill their canteen or stock up on supplies. The town is the last piece of civilization before entering into one of the world´s wildest jungles.


The history of Puerto Jimenez is consistent with the feel. Originally the town was settled around 1914 and was nothing more than a few houses clustered in the middle of a mangrove swamp. In the 1960s logging operations began to move into the forests of the Osa Peninsula, cutting down valuable hard woods. In doing so, they discovered gold in many of the small streams, which led to a genuine gold rush and soon after, the growth of Puerto Jimenez. It was not long before the gold rushers

Destroyed these stream beds and thus the environment around them, so the Costa Rica government intervened by establishing Corcovado National Park to protect the land and wildlife.

Aside from Corcovado, there are plenty of things to do in Puerto Jimenez. The sport fishing on the Golfo Dulce is spectacular. Record billfish are caught every years by anglers in these waters. Kayaking is great in the mangrove estuaries around town, especially on the Rio Platanares. The nearby Playa Platanares is a great place to catch some rays on a secluded beach.

Excursions from Puerto Jimenez

Sweet Chocolate Experience at Kobo Farm

Duration: 3:00 hrs.
Min: 18 – Max: 30 per departure

Join us to this cacao experience and its marvelous manufacturing process. Visit a traditional cacao plantation where we can have first our first impressions of the “cacao forest”, history and culture of this tropical crop is highly interesting, reaching back to the Mayas.

During the walk around the organic plantation, we show you different species of cacao fruit. You will have the chance to open and taste a fresh cacao fruit right from the “chocolate tree”.

You will learn about the various steps of making good chocolate. First we visit the fermentation area , then we pass the drying area , and later we observe the transformation of a roasted cacao-bean into pure chocolate. Last but not least, we invite you to taste a wonderful Chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and homemade banana bread from the farm in a quiet place in the middle of a tropical garden.

Recommended gear: sunscreen, hat, camera and binoculars, insect repellent, good walking shoes.


Tour Includes: Transportation, naturalist guide, water.


Recreational Gold Mining


Duration: 3:30 hrs. aprox
Min: 18 – Max: 30

The Osa Peninsula has placer gold deposits that stretch across nearly three quarters of the entire peninsula. A long tradition of gold mining has dramatically influenced the regional society and culture and contributed dramatically to the personality and character of independence and self-reliance seen in the local populace. Placer gold is still hand-mined in many of the peninsula’s rivers and is easily accessible for visitors wishing to see how it is done. You are certain to pan colors and will get a chance to see first hand the work required and the tools that are used, including the distinctive Osa gold pan that is found nowhere else in the world and traditional sluice boxes. Keep everything that you find. Put much effort into it as you wish, you can have fun panning yourself or sit back and watch the colours break through under your guide´s expert hands.

Recommended gear: sunscreen, hat, camera, insect repellent, good walking shoes.


Tour Includes: Transportation, gold-mining guide, equipment & snacks


Mangrove Kayak – Run with tides!

Duration: 3:00 hrs.
Min: 18 – Max: 30

Meet your guide by the pier to do this great kayak adventure. Be prepared for three hours of light paddling up the Platanares River as the tide comes in and a return down the mangrove estuary as the tide is receding. Look for a wide variety of estuarine birds including egrets and ibis. Also spot caymans, snakes, nutria, and a variety of fish types. Drag your kayak across the sand spit and into the Golfo Dulce to cruise the shoreline, stopping to swim at a beautiful beach. Pods of bottle-noses porpoises return daily in the afternoon along the coast on their way to the open Pacific ocean, affording a great chance to view them.

Recommended gear: swim gear, sunscreen, insect repellant (or use ours), boat water shoes / sandals.

Tour includes: Transportation, fruits, water, dry bag, kayak, safety equipment and tour guide.

Notes: This tour runs with tides, please check with tour operator before book. Waiver must be sign before tour begins.


Dolphin Watch & Gulf Eco-Tour

Duration: 3:00 hrs.
Min: 18 – Max: 45

This great excursion finds the dolphins over 90% of the time. Come with us and enjoy a fun, informative, 25+ mile guided tour as the Golfo Dulce (‘Sweet Gulf’) serves up its many magical wonders. Whales, dolphins, manta rays, whale sharks, sea turtles, schooling fish, and sea birds—all these have been seen by our guests. Our tour boats are equipped with quiet, ecofriendly four stroke motors and a full-canopy sun top for your comfort and protection. After a short crossing, you will experience the Gulf’s lush, rugged Eastern Shore, up close and personal to “one of the world’s three tropicalnfjords.” Along with your Dolphin Cruise and informative eco-tour, your experienced and licensed Captain and (English speaking) Guide will offer swimming, snorkeling and plane boarding when and where conditions permit. And when you return to the boat, you can enjoy a fresh water rinse and fresh fruit.

Recommended gear: sunscreen, hat, camera and binoculars. Bring bottled water and wear . Bathing suit underneath your cloth.

Tour Operator Notes: Wildlife sightings, although common, are not guaranteed. Tour Includes: Boat Transportation, naturalist guide, Fruits, snacks, and natural juices and water.


Corcovado National Park – Dos Brazos Rio Tigre New Hiking Trail

Duration: 5:00 hrs.
Min: 12 – Max: 32

Hike the crown jewel (or golden nugget!) of Dos Brazos, the new Sendero El Tigre, medium high difficulty trail which enters the Corcovado National Park for 2.5km. Discover a glimpse into indigenous history as your guide points out artifacts that have been left by long lost tribes, and speculate on the uses of a perfectly smoothed stone and other rudimentary tools as you encounter them along the trail. This mountainous trail takes 4 hours to do and is just a 20-minute from Puerto Jimenez, your entrance port. Dos Brazos is a destination known for its bird-watching sights, especially for those bird lovers. You are sure to see Scarlet Macaws, Wood Creepers, Fly Catchers, the endemic Mangrove Hummingbird and the Back Cheeked Ant Tananger. This area is also one of the main habitat for the Yellow Billed Cotinga. Also, through this primary and secondary forest, your naturalist guide will help locating and explaining the extensive rainforest wildlife and flora. The rich biological diversity of the Corcovado National Park is astounding, The Dos Brazos region accesses the corridor through which many of the larger fauna such as jaguars, wild boars, and tapirs travel through the forest.

Recommended gear: Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bug repellent, binoculars, rubber sandals and most importantly hiking shoes.

Tour Operator Notes for guests: While hiking along the trails you’ll find yourself crossing slippery or sloping terrain. Tour Includes: Park fees transportation, naturalist guide, Fruits, snacks, and natural juices and water.


Chocolate and Cultural Farm Tour

Duration: 3:00 hrs.
Min: 12 – Max: 32 per departure

At Canaza Rancho Raices, you will be greet by German Quiros owner of this enchanted farm and its beautiful family. German will teach you about the process of the local chocolate production, from the plant itself through its conversion to chocolate and savor the results. Not just about chocolate, you will learn about a variety of agricultural how they fit into our cultural products grown on small farms of our region and traditions, and how these are processed into food for personal consumption.

This tour is an example of the local populace turning toward small scale ecotourism to supplant economic options previously harvested from the forest, a key to sustainability in a region striving to protect the forest.

Recommended gear: Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bug repellent, binoculars, rubber sandals and most importantly hiking shoes.


Tour Includes: Entrance fees, transportation, naturalist guide, Fruits, typical meal, and natural juices and water.